Thoughts on 5 AM / by Ashley Cole

You know something? 5am sucks. No…like really sucks. It’s that time in the morning when you’re supposed to be able to curl up under the covers with no disturbances and dream of lollipops and sugarplum fairies. Unfortunately, if your household is anything like mine you find yourself awake at 5am thanks to a multitude of things. First, there’s that whole alarm going off because you’ve made a promise to yourself to actually get up at that time and go work out. Second, there are two new kittens that think 5am is now their feeding time (even on days that you aren’tgoing to work out). Third, it’s the mental side telling you if you don’t get up you’re going to feel like a fatass slob all day.

My main reason for trolling out of bed is probably the third. I’ve noticed that when I don’t get out of bed at 5am and force myself to brave the cold to throw on a pair of running pants and get to the gym that I literally start to feel like shit all day. Now, I know what you’re thinking “blah blah get up later” or “just work out at a different time” but let me stop you right there. One does not simply work out at a different time.

I can’t just wake up at 9am and go workout. First, I hate going to gyms with a burning passion so 5am is perfect because there are no people and I don’t feel quite as judged when I have to adjust the seat to the stationary bike I’m riding fifteen times. Second, do you know what it is like to not really have a job and to basically have no obligations all day? Um…well it’s really cool for the first week, then it really starts to blow ass. Third, if I put it off, there’s no rhyme or reason to my day and I literally get nothing done because I just go back to sleep. (Yep…I’m that girl.)

Anyway, I’ve been doing this whole 5am jam for about a month now. Thanks to the support of my fella on days that I really don’t want to get up, I’ve been sticking with it. I’ll eventually make a post about how much I like 5am days, but yesterday morning just really sucked having to get up so for now…I’ll complain.