A Day with BoXZY (and me!) [VIDEO] by Ashley Cole

Welp, here's the video I was in for Boxzy! Enjoy!

I could knit pick how terrible I feel that I look in this, but truth be told- I don't even care! The dudes have done an amazing job and are kickin' butt! If you haven't supported them, don't miss your chance. There's only 9 days left in their Kickstarter campaign!

Coffee Table for Justin by Ashley Cole

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. I started a new job at TechShop here in Pittsburgh and also had a few great opportunities presented to me that are going to be started soon. One of those projects is a coffee table and two wall panels for my friend Justin. He was moving into a super modern and industrial space in Charleston, South Carolina and wanted something that would add character to the space without removing the modern feel. 

We started the process designing up options and discussing coloring and styling. The legs were the tricky part, they didn't actually arrive until 10 days later than scheduled but they were oh so worth it. Once I got started, the process moved along quickly and the table came together. This was the first time I used cleats rather than metal attachments for the legs and I must say that they are nicer and appear to be much more stable than any other option I've found. 

So, here it is:




I'm going to try to get some new product in the shop soon, but with everything going on I'm unsure as to when that'll be! If you're interested in something feel free to email me.

Stay tuned for some great projects in the works. I'm not able to say much about it right now but once we get started, you'll get glimpses through my Instagram

BoXZY Launch by Ashley Cole


You can now sign up to receive your very own BoXZY. They launched the Kickstarter at 9:45 AM EST this morning and are only asking for $50,000. Lets help make their goal a reality and really get this amazing machine off the ground. 

So what is BoXZY exactly?

BoXZY is a desktop fabrication device that is a triple threat. It combines a 3D Printer, CNC Mill, and Laser engraver into one compact machine. It utilizes quick-changing heads so you can shape virtually any materials with a few quick changes. You simply slide an attachment out and replace it with another. BoXZY has a 4 micron resolution and drive all 3 axes with industrial ballscrews! 

But why do I need one?

If you're a maker and a do-er, or even just a stay at home mama that wants to create some cool stuff - you need one. It gives you access to creating cool things in a quick minute. The interface is easier to use than some other machines and quite frankly, you'll spend more on a single machine that has one purpose than you're going to for this guy. 

If you're unaware of all of the cool stuff you can do why don't you check on Thingiverse and Kerf Cases to get an idea of the cool things you can download to 3D print or check out what the cool cats over at Kerf are doing to make their engravings. Maybe then you'll see all of the possibilities that this machine opens up for you.

And if you're still unsure, maybe even just donate $5 and see where it goes. They're really a well deserving, hard working group of people that are doing big things in the PGH. So why not support your local makers? 

Here's the link to their Kickstarter.

Share it, support it, or don't- but there's no complainin' when ya miss out!