Streets of the Burgh by Ashley Cole


I managed to score this beautiful chair today for free. FOR FREE.  


I'll just give you a minute to process that. 


OKAY, now, I'm thinking that I'm going to overhaul this baby in some mud cloth I have from a previous chair redo. I can't wait to get started. I also would like to mention how insane I likely look to people that are seeing my shenanigans as I definitely carried the chair through a snowy park to get the picture against a wall I really have dreamed about taking a photo against. I just couldn't resist.


I also went by CJ today and snagged some great hardware for a cabinet I'm building this week. I can't wait to produce this piece and the hinges I bought are going to be perfect.  



Boxzy Interview Day by Ashley Cole



I spent my day at Tech Shop Pittsburgh hanging out with the awesome creators of Boxzy. It's a 3D printer, laser etcher, and CNC all in one. I used the laser etcher to engrave a board for the wonderful Martina Thornhill. I'll be featured, along with a few other makers, in their Kickstarter video. I can't wait for it to debut and to get my hands on one of these awesome machines for my home!


Boxzy was incredibly easy to use and the interface is very straightforward. All in all it took probably about 10 minutes to prepare (with the exception of a snag on the logo that had nothing to do with the actual machine itself).  I actually prefer this machine to the others I have used due to the fact that the Boxzy engraves more like a wood burner rather than a laser etcher. It has a more authentic styling to the engraving. 




Custom iPad Stand by Ashley Cole

So we worked in the woodshop to create a custom iPad stand for a client this week. We took an idea she had and made it a bit more streamlined and less bulky. We wanted to create something that was rustic, but modern. 

The photo the client gave us was this:


You can see that the bottom lip was incredibly bulky and the actual stand had a photo frame kickstand that it leaned against to gain the appropriate viewing angle. We weren't really a fan of that and thought that it looked bottom heavy and that the entire piece could be made more functional and simply more appealing.

After a few good lessons in viewing angles, we busted out the router and created this little dude:



Learning new things by Ashley Cole

I'm impatient and often I buy things out of excitement without real thought. This time, I didn't. I've been waiting and planning and plotting and thanks hugely to the men and women at our local Rockler for patiently answering every question, I bought a lathe! 



I'm so excited learn new things and teach myself the ways of this wonderful machine. Heck, there may even be new pieces coming your way soon enough! (Ha, okay maybe not that soon.) 

Shop Update by Ashley Cole


I'm releasing a shop update at 11AM EST. There will be 5 small panels available along with a few new boards. 

If you enter the coupon code "LOVE2015" at checkout, you'll receive 10% off your entire order. Also if you order before Wednesday, the product will ship out just in time for your special someone on Valentine's Day!

Happy shopping!