/ by Ashley Cole



i’m ambivalent to home ownership. i was born with two restless legs, and one of them always seems to be partially out the door. although others claim that renters are just throwing their money away — i value the freedom (pseudo or otherwise) from chains that dwelling in someone else’s responsibility provides. i’ll happily “invest” in that.

but… i just love this little house! it’s so elegantly simple and yet overwhelmingly charming. compact enough that you’ll deeply consider the addition of every new possession.

the moment i saw it, i thought, “i could build a home like this with someone i love.” leaving it here just in case. 

(via www.tinyhouseswoon.com)

This is a tiny house I can get behind. Must.

I want to love in this house. I want to live in this house. I want to grow old in this house.

Source: http://ourinvinciblesummer.tumblr.com