Obligatory Introduction / by Ashley Cole


So, I’m here because I’ve found that being accountable is the only way to really make myself get up and do this. I mean…after all…pics or it didn’t happen right?

You probably know me as the smoker who curses a lot with a pretty gnarly Doritos addiction. For those that don’t and for those of you above, let me introduce you to the new Ashley.

Hi, I’m a 24-year old female that has smoked since I was 15/16 and have been fairly immobile into my twenties. Aside from a bout of attempting to be a runner around age 22, I haven’t ever stuck to a workout plan and I’ve never even attempted an eating plan. As I’m reaching 25 though, I had the “coming to Jesus” where I realized that I’m basically a quarter of a century old and it was time to get off my fat ass and onto a treadmill. I’m still the same person that curses a lot (let’s be honest, my favorite word might be the F-bomb) but there’s a lot about me that’s changed in the past month. I’ve actually quit smoking, I’ve started going to the gym at least three times a week, and I’ve started trying to cut down on the Doritos binges. I’m currently weighing in at 160-164 (depending on the Doritos binging) and I’ve been at this weight for the past four years. I’m not looking to lose weight, I’m looking to change my life. I’m looking to find health and happiness.

So here’s my journey into trying to make it stick this time. I’ll be updating with struggles, successes, and with complaints. This is my place to find myself and maybe help someone like me figure it out too. It’s okay, I have no idea what I’m doing- I’m winging it. 

But winging it is better than sitting on my couch…so here goes nothing.