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"A Fat Girl Dancing: Talk Dirty to Me (Jason Derulo)"
You all need to watch this video that’s been making rounds on YouTube and Facebook. 

Here you have Whitney— she’s talented, she’s confident, she’s gorgeous, she’s killin these moves, and yes, she’s fat.

I love that she calls her videos “A Fat Girl Dancing” because a lot of times people have a hard time associating fat with anything positive. Instead the word is attached to a myriad of negative adjectives and an endless list of “nots”: “Fat people are lazy,” “Fat girls can’t wear that,” “Fat people shouldn’t go to clubs,” etc. Even when getting compliments, fat and “good” don’t go together: “You can move for a fat girl”, “You’re not fat, you’re cute”, and (flashback to yesterday’s post) “You’re so pretty for a big girl.” But yes, you CAN be fat AND beautiful, fat AND outgoing, fat AND a traveler, and fat AND a dancer!

Rant over. 
I’m positive we’ll be seeing a lot more from this great young woman. 

Always rebloggin the big girls dancing, because if you don’t think that;s sexy as hell, well, I don’t know what to tell ya.

She’s absolutely beautiful. She definitely has rhythm! You go girl!

Gosh damn if I had a tenth of her rhythm! a) I oddly love that song, and b) she is just so damn amazing.

NAILED IT. Get it girl!

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