/ by Ashley Cole

Are you happy? DO YOU FEEL ALIVE? Where are you going? Where have you been? Do you have a destination? Sorry, what did you say? Can you speak up? What time do you wake up? Who do you wake up with? Do they make you smile? Are you well paid? Do you care? Is job satisfaction more important than salary? Sorry, what was that?

What do you consider most important in life? Do you fancy something daring? Have you ever felt out of control? DID YOU ENJOY IT? You loved it, didn’t you? Have you ever broken the law? Would you want to? Are there any causes you strongly believe in? Are you a member of any? Secret societies or associations?

Are you neat or messy? Are you telling the truth? What’s your idea of the perfect evening? Do you eat meat? Would you consider yourself a people’s person, or do you prefer your own company? When was the last time you told a lie? Sorry I didn’t hear that? How long do you spend on the internet? How many credit cards do you own? Are you addicted to anything? Do you believe in marriage? Do you consider yourself lazy? Do you have a role model? Have you ever met them? How do they inspire you? Can you keep a secret?

ARE YOU DOING WHAT YOU LOVE? You don’t think so? Well, why not?


— Holly Shackleton, Editor
(i-D Magazine, Time is Now Issue)