Reflection / by Ashley Cole

I wanted to take a little time to reflect on this past year and all that has happened. This year has had it's fair share of ebbs and flows, with probably more ebbs than flows. There have been things in my life that have made me re-evaluate what I wanted to do and the direction in which my career path was taking. After months of exhaustive job hunts, and rejection letters I realized that I would rather be my own boss for the time being than continuously take beatings while my inbox filled with "thanks but no thanks".

Enter Ash Cole Woodwork (formerly, Coled Pressed), it started as an idea, a dream. I wanted to create something better for myself rather than sitting around and doing 'nothing' with my days. Ash Cole Woodwork developed out of my thesis for my master's degree but quietly and quickly became more. My brain started firing all pistons and working over time. I was seeing creations in my sleep, and I couldn't turn off the ideas. Eventually, I went to my basement and started building.

A little known fact is that when I was eight, I asked my dad for a miter saw (chop saw) for Christmas. It was all I wanted and I couldn't wait to be able to create things for myself. I grew up in the woodshop at school (thanks, Bright School) and it was always my favorite class except for science. I built all sorts of different gadgets and gizmos, and I always took incredible pride in my work. Most of the other kids enjoyed art class because of the hand molding, I was a polar opposite- I couldn't (and still can't) draw worth a lick, but I could build with the best of them.

That miter saw is still in my basement, and has seen its fair share of slicing and dicing. It's what I use regularly. I can thank my mom and dad for my love of woodwork. They built our home in Tennessee and to this day continuously build and repair for themselves. That miter saw reminds me of them every time I look at it. Ash Cole Woodwork is me connecting with my family, it's me finding my way back home. I hope to document that journey here, and I hope you'll enjoy it with me.